Where To Get My Work

Hi there :)

Lately, I’ve been getting the question from some folks as to where one can purchase my work. Well, if you are among those people, I have good news! I have just opened a store on Society6! I will be adding more as I make new stuff. My store can be found here: http://society6.com/typicalemily

ACT NOW! If you get something this weekend, you’ll get it $5 off AND pay nothing for shipping! Say what? $5 off & Free Shipping?! Sounds like a sweet deal :) Click here: http://society6.com/typicalemily?promo=b24ce1

UPDATE: The deal from above has ended, BUT Society6 is having the same deal right now across their entire website. Just click the link to my site above and the discount will be applied at checkout!

Thank you so much for your support!